Radiofrequency Measurements

We have extensive knowledge and experience in radio frequency engineering, wireless engineering and high voltage, high power electronics in both military and commercial systems. We apply electromagnetic field theory and practice, and follow FCC radio frequency exposure regulations. Our capabilities include electromagnetic field strength survey and field distribution measurements as well as analytical and computer based simulations of the electromagnetic field.

Computer simulations and analysis are included for the purpose of prediction and verifying measurement accuracy. Electromagnetic simulation tools such as the Comsol Multiphysics RF module will be used initially to characterize electric and magnetic field strengths inside and around facilities and equipment.

We perform:

  • Wideband radiation background and signal measurements using a spectrum analyzer connected to a calibrated dipole/monopole system. Amplitudes, frequencies, and other RF source locations are also identified.
  • Hand-held instrument RF surveys using a spectrum analyzer and isotropic field probes to identify maximum and average field strengths. Coupling of radiation through structures such as windows and wall materials are measured when technically feasible.

General equipment used:

  • Field Strength Analyzer; frequency range from 100 KHz — 2060 MHz Measures Narrow Band, Wide Band FM, AM Single Side Band (SSB) modulated signals.
  • Broadband Exposure Meter and Probe — The electric field probe provides sensitivity below 0.05 mW/cm² with the capability of measuring equivalent power density levels up to 377 mW/cm and can be selected to cover the full ANSI range.
  • Hewlett Packard Spectrum Analyzer 9 KHz — 1.8 GHz
  • Hewlett Packard Network Analyzer 300 KHz- 3 GHz
  • Digital Camera
  • Electromagnetic Simulation Computer Code
  • Dipole/monopole receiving antennas