JRT’s near-term business objectives are to expand commercial application of its RF technology to enhance numerous oil and gas extraction processes (e.g., recovery of gas from shale, recovery and in-situ physically upgrading heavy oil through visbreaking, hydroprocessing, aquathermolysis, cracking and catalysts) and environmental remediation (e.g., oil spill cleanups, solvent remediation in fractured bedrock, and others). Expanded commercial application of RF technology in the energy and remediation industries is expected to be profitable, demonstrate commercial viability and drive increased market demand through successive successful applications. Expanded application in a variety of extraction and remedial scenarios is expected to demonstrate where the economic, environmental and social advantages of the technology maximize its return on investment in both the current and future marketplace. Concurrently, JRT will expand and update its patents and intellectual property protections and ultimately build a leasing business to meet the increased demand for its technology. The company is seeking a strategic equity partner to infuse its business with the necessary capital to achieve these objectives.